Silver Diamine Fluoride

Although it has been used in Japan for almost 50 years and in other countries (such as Australia and China), for the past decade, silver diamine fluoride (SDF) was only approved by the FDA in 2014. Dr. Niloo has been a pioneer in our area, providing this non-invasive treatment since 2016.

SDF is an antimicrobial liquid that can be applied with a small brush to cavities on primary and permanent teeth to stop their progression and to remineralize teeth without having to cut into them. On larger cavities, it can be followed with traditional fillings or crowns to regain the anatomy and function of the teeth. It is important to note that SDF cannot be used on symptomatic teeth (e.g., causing pain, are infected) and that SDF-treated sites will turn grayish-black (only the cavity and not the whole tooth).

SDF can be a great tool for young children (under age three), as well as those with special needs, in cases when it is necessary to delay sedation. Dr. Niloo will determine if this is a good treatment option for your child.