COVID-19 Updates

Welcome to Children’s Dentistry of Oakton! We are so grateful that your family is part of our practice, and we welcome all new families and patient friends as well. During this time of COVID-19, we wanted to express our continued commitment to all of you that we are following every guideline and precaution to keep your families and our team safe. Your health and safety are incredibly important to us – please rest assured that even in “normal” times, dental offices have always taken numerous steps to keep our treatment and waiting areas clean and disinfected, and Children’s Dentistry of Oakton is no exception. If you have any concerns or questions, please call us so that we can address anything you’d like to discuss prior to any appointments.

The following steps have been implemented for all returning and new patients: 

Before the Visit

  • Our consent form is available here. You will be sent a copy of it as a link via text message or e-mail prior to your appointment. Please complete and submit it right from your personal device. If you are unable to do so, we will provide you with it upon your arrival to your child’s appointment.
  • Please help your child brush and floss their teeth thoroughly the night before and the day of your appointment just before you leave your home.

When You Arrive

  • If you plan on accompanying your child inside of our office, please only bring the child/children who have appointments.
  • Call us when you arrive in the parking lot (or as we like to call it, the “new” reception area 😊).
  • Per Virginia guidelines, all adults and children over age 10 need to wear a mask. Younger children are encouraged to do so as well if they are able to. We understand that children under age 2 and those with special needs may not be able to wear a mask.
  • Once we are ready for your child’s appointment, one of our team members will come to the parking lot to take the temperature of everyone in the car. You may share any concerns or questions with the team member, who will relay it to Dr. Niloo.
  • Depending on your child’s age and comfort level, the accompanying adult is encouraged to remain in the car during the appointment. Your child will be accompanied to the office by our team member.
  • If it is deemed necessary for the accompanying adult to come into the office, we ask that they please wear a mask. Only one adult will be allowed to enter the office for each family.  
  • If the accompanying adult decides to come into the office, please be mindful of physical distancing. Unless there is a treatment need for the child to be held during the appointment, we ask that all accompanying adults remain in the waiting room.
  • After the appointment, we will call you to discuss the treatment and any examination findings. If there is a need for you to sign anything, we can provide it to you electronically via a link on your own device. You can provide payment information and make your next appointment over the phone.
  • One of our team members will then bring your child back to you along with any paperwork.

Please note: we have had to modify our reception area; removing all toys, games, and the water and coffee station to reduce the number of surfaces that may be touched. This information may be modified as new guidelines are presented to us. Thank you for your understanding.